Installing multiple tills on devices using the same Windows operating system, all running 64 bit or all running 32 bit

The trial download software allows for a maximum of 4 windows till devices to be installed, all using the same operating system

Example: all running 32 bit or all running 64 bit, you only need to download the trial software one time, this can be used to install up to 4 tills in total

The trial software comes in two separate executable files, 1 back-office and 1 Till. The till file can be placed onto a USB stick or other portable device and used to install on a further 3 windows devices

Please ensure all devices are running 32 bit windows operating system before downloading the 32 bit free trial software, for all devices running 64 bit windows operating system, download the 64 bit free trial software


Installing multiple tills on devices  using a combination of  32 bit  and 64 bit Windows operating system

If you are installing across a network which has a combination of both windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems you will need to download the individual module from here

Example:  If You have a system with two 64 bit devices and two 32 bit devices, if you have previously downloaded the 64 bit free trial software, you will only need to download 1 32 bit till module, as this can use installed on a portable USB device and installed separately onto both the 32 bit devices

However we would always advice, if you have a 64 bit windows operating system on 1 of the device this is used to install the back-office onto, this is not mandatory, but should help with the speed of the system