Advanced Restaurant Pos Software: Backoffice Management & Till Front-End for Windows 32 bit OS

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Do you already have a restaurant management software solution, or maybe your not happy with the system you currently have, here at RPS we have spent a lot of time developing a solution we consider to be flexible, robust and reliable, a software which can be scaled as your business grows.

If you are in the process of looking for a software solution or a complete pos system to take care of all areas within your Restaurant, Quick Service or Takeaway business, why not give us a try, we offer a free no obligation 30 day download to enable you to try before you buy.

Our team are also able to provide for a reasonable cost, menu development, configuration and setup services. As well as advising on the best hardware to use with our software for both desktop and portable table ordering devices.

RPS have developed a hospitality solution to manage from the smallest to the largest eateries

Once your 30 day trial is up, or even during the 30 days if you like many of our customers realise this is the software for you, it is easy to upgrade to the yearly subscription licence. With a few clicks of your mouse you will be re-directed to the correct part of the RPS website where you can purchase a license to use our restaurant management software.

If you would like to find our more about the software’s functionality and view the feature list list for both back office and till modules please click on the link below

Superpos has been designed to work either as a standalone solution or with the ability to integrate with our online order taking and reservation booking module