• For quick service eateries & smaller managed restaurants. Takeaway enabled within back-office if required.
  • Solo comes with 1 back-office and 1 point of sale till as standard.
  • Solo plan allows 2 additional tills/tablets to be added to the system.
  • Subscription plan is available as 6 monthly or yearly payments.  (Paid in Advance)
  • Compatible with tablets, epos, laptops and PC’s running Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Solo license plan cannot be expanded and will not connect to our (Head Office Module)


  • Multiple choice of secure login access
  • Multiple language
  • Multiple facility option
  • Intuitive table management & reservation booking
  • Operator can modify and attach comments to customer orders
  • Ability to take pre-orders, re-orders and edit existing orders
  • View reports, orders and customer history
  • Split bill by amount, payment type
  • Printer settings, select printer type, location and product group to selected locations
  • Preview and reprint customer billing receipts
  • Implement and track refunds, voids, discounts, free of charge
  • Choice of multiple payment methods on transactions
  • View happy hour and special offers, not available in Solo Plan.
  • Customer loyalty, not available in Solo Plan
  • Caller ID:
  • Credit card integration
  • Float adjustment and clear till cash prompt


  • Home: Displays  POS devices connected to back-office.
  • Branch Management: Add branch, add facilities, develop floor plans,  select price levels for facilities.
  • Product Management: Add product categories, sub categories and products. setup menu button appearance for product category or image. Unlimited product entries, add modifiers, quantity levels and packaging type.
  • Menus: Define menus, enter menu name, select facility for menu to appear under, load products and change prices, (happy hour and product offers not available in Solo Plan0.
  • Operator Management: Add operator categories, select security rights for individual categories,  back-office, point of sale and payment types. Enter operator details and select secure login access options.
  • Client Management: Add account types, add client, bank details and select client account type, (add loyalty card types, not available in Solo Plan).
  • Inventory Management: Enter and raise orders, raise input and output documents, control stock levels with recipe master and semi-prepared products
  • Reports: Run view and print sales reports, stock reports, other POS reports, (loyalty reports not available in Solo Plan). Full reporting available via mobile windows application (smart phone App not available in Solo Plan).
  • General Settings: Administrator can manage and control all areas of the system, including, receipts setting, order settings, backup plan, document types, order types, POS payment types, POS comments, (loyalty card types, not available in Solo Plan).