RPS – Restaurant POS Software Installation Services
In order to ensure our services are implemented effectively and they meet your expectations, RPS offers comprehensive installation services for all of our products.

We understand that successfully installing a point of sale system within your company can be a daunting task – from setting the equipment up to training your employees how to use the products correctly. The RPS Installation team is a highly technical group with industry-leading expertise and can deliver a variety of support options like “mid-flight” services, new customer start-up plans, ongoing maintenance, application customisations and much more.

A key benefit of working with the RPS Installation team is the proven management process that comes with having a staff of skilled professionals who can help provide you products and services on-time and within budget.

RPS provide support services that are second to none. Depending on the level of support you choose, you could receive support 24/7, 365 days a year.

The support you receive from RPS will always be in the most time, and cost-efficient way possible. This is why we offer the Desktop Remote Support; we can provide on-site installation, training and troubleshooting without having to be there! We save on travel costs; you save on call-out charges.